Annual Establishment Report on Wages






What is the Annual Establishment Report on Wages? 

  • This is an annual report containing the verified itemized listing of establishments’ labor component, specifying the names of their workers and employees below the managerial level, including learners, apprentices and workers with disabilities who were hired under the terms prescribed in the employment contracts, and their corresponding salaries and wages. 

Is the submission of this report required under the law?

  • Yes, it is required under Article 124 of the Labor Code, as amended by Republic Act No. 6727 or the Wage Rationalization Act. Submission of the report shall be monitored by the DOLE Labor Inspectorate System. 

What is the difference of this year’s submission from the previous years?

  • This year’s submission shall be done online to ensure more efficient collection of administrative-based data on wages.  

What specific information will be collected by the report? 

  • Specific information to be collected by the report shall include: 
    • Establishment’s profile (general information, address, contact information, main economic activity) 
    • Employment data (number of regular employees, learners and apprentices) 
    • Employees by basis of payment (number of hourly/daily/monthly paid employees; number of employees with regularly paid cash allowances) 
    • Productivity (productivity improvement programs and productivity incentives programs) 


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