2019 Productivity Olympics National Winners

Jida Aqua Resources

Agribusiness – Micro Category, Caraga Region


With production wastes of more than a third of its bangus production, Jida Aqua Resources’ developed new products from bangus residue, effectively converting wastes to income infused back to the business.


Vicky’s Pili and Food Products

Agribusiness – Small Category, Bicol Region


High product rejects and production delays used to be Vicky’s Pili & Food Products problems until it upgraded its machine, equipment and plant.  With more efficient production processes, Vicky’s Pili & Food Products has been meeting its production requirements without delay.


Bahi Enterprises

Industry – Micro Category, Bicol Region


Bahi Enterprises solved its problem of high product damage due to poor product packaging by upgrading its facilities like the use of food grade aluminum ziplock stand up pouches, expiration date labelling, and use of continuous bond sealers.


3D Container & Packaging Philippines Corporation

Industry – Small Category, CALABARZON


By updating and modernizing its equipment and facilities,  3D CONTAINER & PACKAGING PHILS CORP’s was able to increase production levels and product variants at reasonable costs, bringing in more clients and patrons.


Cagayan 1 Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Industry – Medium Category, Cagayan Valley Region


By implementing an “Integrated Online System for Key Operations”, Cagayan 1 Electric Cooperative, Inc.’s cut its transaction time from 7 days to 3 days.  The system, equipped with real-time meter reading and printing, reduced the process cycle time between application and connection of services, meter reading encoding, and records retrieval.


Coffee for Peace

Service – Micro Category, Davao Region

Coffee for Peace reduced production waste by recycling coffee wastes into new product lines.  Its new website and social media accounts also gave Coffee for Peace the much-needed visibility mileage.


Baguio-Benguet Community Credit Cooperative

Industry – Small Category, Cordillera Administrative Region


Bagiuo-Benguet Community Credit Cooperative used to incur high overhead water and power costs but with the rehabilitation of their deep well and installation of solar panels, the Cooperative realized monthly savings of P35,000.


JMH Microfinance, Inc.

Industry – Medium Category, Bicol Region


High client turn-aways and portfolios at risks prompted JMH MICROFINANCE, INC. to implement employee and management recognition programs, which motivated employees to work better.  This resulted to an 11.5% decline in client turn-aways and 2.33% decline in portfolios at risks.


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