2nd Tranche of Minimum Wage Hike in Regions II, IX Takes Effect

The 2nd tranche of minimum wage increases for workers in the private sector in Region II (Cagayan Valley) and Region IX (Zamboanga Peninsula) took effect on October 1, 2022.


In Region II, minimum wage earners in service/retail establishments employing not more than 10 workers received a P25 increase. The minimum wage rate for service/retail establishments employing not more than 10 workers is now P400. This rate is now the same as the minimum wage rate in non-agriculture establishments in the region.


Meanwhile, in Region IX, the minimum wage in service/retail establishments employing 1-9 workers and agricultural establishments received a P15 increase. The minimum wage in these sectors is now P338. This rate is now the same as the minimum wage rate in service/retail establishments employing 10-30 workers in the region.


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