Baguio-Benguet Community Credit Cooperative – CAR Cooperative

Baguio-Benguet Community Credit Cooperative – CAR


  • Challenges
    • High overhead costs
    • High delinquencies/past due accounts
    • Few satellite offices to address concerns of the growing number of members
    • Poor records management
    • Poor technology for the processing of accounts
    • Underutilized office spaces
  • Productivity programs implemented
    • Installed solar panels to convert light into electricity to generate savings
    • Implemented collection strategies and Amnesty Rebuilding Economic Stability Program (BBCCC Cares)
    • Created Debt Recovery Team (DRT)
    • Established of new satellite office
    • Implemented Records Management Program (RMP)
    • Established electronic payroll payment, human resource management system
    • Leased out underutilized or idle spaces
  • Outcomes of productivity programs
    • On business
      • Increased loan portfolio
      • Reduced delinquencies/past due accounts
      • Increased total productivity and improved financial performance
      • Increased membership
      • Improved process cycle time
      • Generated revenue from leased out spaces
      • Recipient of Certificate of Compliance from the Cooperative Development Authority – CAR
    • On people
      • Productivity or performance incentive schemes through annual and monthly incentives
      • Loyalty recognition program
      • Welfare programs such as skills enhancement, lakbay aral, and work-life balance programs
      • Additional leave benefits and medical/financial assistance

May 2020


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