Baguio-Benguet Community Credit Cooperative (Region CAR)

Baguio-Benguet Community Credit Cooperative (BBCCC) is a service establishment located in Baguio City. Founded in 1958, it was formerly known as the Baguio Teachers Credit Union and a consistent cooperative awardee in Ilocos Region and CAR. It was recognized twice (1985 and 1992) as the Most Outstanding Credit Cooperative (Community Type) in the Philippines.

BBCCC aims to be a model cooperative, responsive to the needs of its environment where each member becomes economically self-reliant, positive value oriented, and socially responsible in the community.

But even though the cooperative had been functioning for a long time, they felt the need to improve its operations and to address problems such as: 1) high overhead costs, 2) high delinquencies/past due accounts, 3) increasing demand for services/unattended concerns of members, 4) records management issues, 5) need for automation especially on administrative matters and 6) underutilized or idle spaces.

The cooperative implemented productivity improvement programs to solve its problems. To address the overhead costs, they underwent a deep well rehabilitation and installed solar panels in its new building to minimize water and electricity expenses. They installed a records management program, resulting to a systematic & orderly storage of all documents for easy access and retrieval. They also leased out underutilized or idle spaces in May 2016 which generated rental revenue amounted to P21,132,500.42 for the years 2016-2018. They also established a satellite office in the heart of Baguio City (City Market) for member accessibility and convenience.

For the high delinquencies and past due accounts, they adopted collection strategies to give chance to members to settle their obligations on time to avoid penalties. A Debt Recovery Team (DRT) was created in August 2017 to manage delinquencies, resulting to a reduction of the delinquency rate from 9.24% to 7.37% in 2016-2018. They also implemented an Amnesty Rebuilding Economic Stability Program (BBCCC Cares) to reduce delinquency and rebuild economic stability of members.

For the need for automation, an Electronic Payroll Payment was established on May 2016 to improve productive time of employees. HRMAX was also implemented on June 2017 for automation of the Human Resource Management System. The existing biometric equipment was upgraded on June 2017 to manage employee time and attendance. Also, a CASAL Systems Upgrade and Migration Program was introduced in 2018 to improve the existing ICT system for a faster service delivery and more accurate and timely report generation.

These improvements led to an increas in total productivity from 2.091 in 2017 to 2.161 in 2018 and in total assets from P1,669,455,017.46 to P1,909,484,032.01 in 2016-2018, and what they gained, they shared to their employees and to the community. For the employees, they gave performance bonus incentives and for the community, outreach programs, financial assistance, among others.

Because of their successful productivity improvements and gainsharing programs, they received numerous awards over the years including the most recent, the 2019 Productivity Olympics regional winner in the Cordillera Administrative Region and 2019 Productivity Olympics national winner for service small category.


April 2020


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