BAHI Enterprises – Region V Manufacturing

BAHI Enterprises – Region V

  • Challenges
    • Processing area had no FDA license to operate
    • Scarcity of raw and materials scarce
    • Overpriced bought not directly from the farmers
    • Manual production of goods/long process cycle time
    • Packaging was not eco-friendly
    • Limited market
    • No e-commerce platform
  • Productivity programs implemented
    • Secured FDA-LTO License in June 10, 2016
    • Improved partnership and networking with government agencies and local farmers from Sorsogon, Mindanao, Quezon, and other Northern Luzon provinces
    • Installation of high technology equipment
    • Used eco-friendly food grade stand up pouches
    • Improved supply chain locally and internationally
    • Set up e-commerce platforms via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Outcomes of productivity programs
    • On business
      • Increased total productivity and sales
      • Market expansion
      • Improved process cycle time
      • Safe production
      • Zero waste due to recycling
    • On people
      • Individual and group productivity or performance incentive schemes through annual and monthly incentives and bonuses
      • Employee recognition program
      • Welfare programs such as medical assistance, loan at no interest, skills enhancement, and scholarship for employees’ children


May 2020


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