NWPC continues its National Productivity Webinar Series

Employment Outlook Transitioning to a Better Normal

On October 1, Mr. Sangheon Lee, ILO Director of the Employment Policy Department talked about “Employment Outlook Transitioning to a Better Normal” in the fifth session of the 2020 National Productivity Webinar Series. He gave a global picture of the full impact of COVID-19 pandemic on global unemployment and hours worked. He described how countries are coping to save and preserve jobs, the landscape of jobs and skills that would drive a better, healthier, and more resilient new order.

Due to the pandemic, labor markets suddenly shifted into automation, part-time and remote work, new work arrangements and new business models. These conditions are already having effects on some of the fundamental challenges of labor markets such as unequal access to employment opportunities, high unemployment rates especially among the youth.

Actionable Intelligence: Results amid Uncertainty

“Know. Decide. Act.” was Prof. Keith Carter of the National University of Singapore (NUS) when he discussed actionable intelligence during the 6th session of the webinar series on October 8. The session focused on the importance of accurate and timely information to making strategic business decisions to drive organizational performance.

Prof. Carter speaker also discussed how organizations can build a data-driven culture and mindset, and more importantly, the capacity to transform and intelligently use big data into actionable intelligence. He stressed that technology, in the form of artificial intelligence (AI), need not mean loss of jobs but should be thought of as a tool for empowering people by teaching them the applicable technologies. It should not be “human vs machine” but “humans and machines” working together.

Business Reconfiguration: Leading Practices in Transitioning to the New Normal

Ms. Jazmine Flores, founder and CEO of Leadworks Sales and Marketing Solutions served as resource person during the webinar session on Business Reconfiguration: Leading Practices in Transitioning to the New Normal” on October 15, 2020. The session discussed scalable practices for helping businesses recover and reboot post COVID19. The adoption of growth-accelerating technologies and innovation, automation, shift to new business models and work arrangements are some of the more common responses seen across labor markets.

Such responses have seen businesses bounce back with greater agility, resilience and sustainability and an even greater potential to accelerate productivity growth.

Employee Engagement: Leading Practices in Transitioning to the New Normal

On October 22, Mr. Sean Zantua, HR Director of J&J Philippines and Global Services Asia Pacific, talked about Employee Engagement: Leading Practices in Transitioning to the New Normal.” The session provided fresh and innovative ways to keep employees engaged and productive, despite the limits and challenges imposed by the pandemic.

Mr. Zantua, toward the end of his session, stated that in the midst of the changes brought about by the pandemic, HR leaders should focus on: 1) continuing communication between employees and management through the use of digital technology and 2) providing additional flexibility and support to employees, especially those with families and caretaking duties – leading with empathy.


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