Cagayan I Electric Cooperative, Inc. – Region II Cooperative

Cagayan I Electric Cooperative, Inc. – Region II

  • Challenges
    • Internal
      • Poor records management
      • Unsynchronized processes
      • Delays in encoding of meter reading outputs
      • No performance evaluation
    • External
      • Longer period of business transactions
      • Poor customer service and high customer complaints
      • Difficulty in supplying quality electricity to municipalities
      • High systems loss
    • Productivity programs implemented
      • Implemented collection efficiency program
      • Implemented an integrated online system for key operations
      • Established individual performance evaluation for employees
      • Improved customer service
      • Enhanced and upgraded the distribution line system
      • Implemented Systems Loss Reduction Program
    • Outcomes of productivity programs
      • On business
        • Increased collection and collection
        • Shortened payment transaction time
        • Real time meter reading and printing
        • Reduced process cycle time (from application to connection)
        • Reduced number of power interruptions and complaints
        • Reduced systems loss rate
        • Increased employees’ performance
        • Increased number of member-consumers
        • Increased employment
      • On people
        • Productivity or performance incentive schemes through monthly incentives and bonuses
        • Loyalty recognition program
        • Welfare programs such as skills enhancement, health, and work-life balance programs

May 2020


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