Cagayan I Electric Cooperative Inc (Region II)

Cagayan I Electric Cooperative Inc (CAGELCO I) is a unionized electric cooperative in Cagayan Province. Established in 1971, its goal is to be every customer’s first and last choice and to serve as a catalyst for socio-economic growth by providing reliable and quality service at competitive rates.

Although they had been around for almost five decades, they still experienced some setbacks when it comes to fulfilling their goals. Before, their clients had no option but to pay and transact only at their collection offices in designated municipalities. This led to longer periods of business transactions, process cycle time from application to connection takes 5-7 days, delayed encoding of meter reading outputs and slow response to consumers’ concerns.

Their power substations had difficulty supplying quality electricity to municipalities within coverage areas, leading to increased number of complaints and frequent power interruptions. They also experienced double digit systems loss and performance targets were not attained.

In 2016, they took steps to improve their productivity through process improvement. They started a Collection Efficiency Program, resulting to increase in collection efficiency, increase in collections, and reduction in payment transaction time. They also formulated an Integrated Online System for their key operations, resulting to real time meter reading and printing, and reduction of process cycle time from 5-7 days to 3 days from application to connection. They also enhanced and upgraded their distribution line system which resulted to reduced number of complaints and power interruptions, and reduced systems loss.

Because of their successful productivity improvement program, they rewarded their exemplary staff through their “Gawad Lingan, Tito: Mga Natatanging Kawani ng Uno CAGELCO” which aimed to motivate and increase employee performance. They also started an Individual Performance Evaluation System (IPES) which gave them a Triple A Category designation from the NEA (National Electrification Administration) and enabled them to award performance productivity incentives to all employees.

They likewise created their official website and social media accounts, which enabled them to post social media announcements regarding power interruption schedules, positions for hiring, and Employees Compensation (EC) programs. It also negotiated for online transfer of funds for payment of power bills in partnership with banks, increase the number of member-consumer-owners, and have faster information dissemination about electric power connection, faster transactions in all aspects and an increased number of payments per month.

These improvements led to an increase both in total productivity and revenue. Aside from sharing to their employees, the cooperative also gave back to the community through electrical safety campaigns, Sitio Electrification Program (SEP) and giving school bags and supplies to Grade 1 pupils through their “Elektripikasyon at Edukasyon Kaagapay mo sa iyong Bokasyon.”

The cooperative had been recognized through numerous awards and recognitions since their founding, and due to the improvements they had in the last few years, they were finally awarded as the National Winner for the Medium Industry Category in the 2019 NWPC Productivity Olympics.


April 2020


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