Coffee for Peace (Region XI)

Coffee for Peace Café is a micro enterprise which was established in 2008 in Davao City by its founder and CEO, Joji Pantoja. The café sells world class quality coffee with a vision of promoting the culture of peace, protect the environment and contribute to the social economy of farmers in the region.

However, just like any enterprise, the café experienced some difficulty at the onset. When they started, they had limited workspace that it had reached the maximum capacity and the sales volume for their space. They also had coffee and fruit wastes from the shop that are not recycled at that time. The café was also not popular enough for customers to find, lacking social media presence. Their operations were also not well documented.

To improve their productivity, the café moved to a bigger space in 2016, improving their customer capacity, thus, increasing their revenue. They also minimized their wastes by converting coffee husks into cascara coffee tea, and the rest for soil fertilizer. A website was also created, as well as accounts for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to increase brand awareness and reach many potential customers.

The café’s productivity gains were shared to their employees and community. For their employees, cash gifts were given based on performance based bonus system. For the community, they give 25% of their income to coffee farmers in the region, true to their vision as not only in the business of coffee, but as a social enterprise. They gave assistance to them not only through the income contribution, but also by teaching them modern coffee farming practices to improve the quality of their coffee. They also oriented the farmers on best practices in processing, branding, and marketing coffee.

The dedication to bring peace and stability to these areas and to improve the quality of not just the coffee they serve but also the people who serve them got them invited by the RTWPB XI to join the 2019 Productivity Olympics. Coffee for Peace Café eventually became the 2019 Productivity Olympics regional winner and national winner for the micro service category.


April 2020


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