Executive Director Sy guests at ECOP’s NGAYON! ECOPlus: Amplifying Your Voice

NWPC Executive Director Maria Criselda R. Sy appeared in the Employers Confederation of the Philippines’ (ECOP) online program NGAYON! ECOPlus: Amplifying Your Voice in its 17th episode entitled “Minimum Wages and Productivity” on July 4, 2022.


In the interview, Director Sy gave the status of minimum wage increases, as well as the lowest and highest resulting rates. She also discussed the criteria for wage determination which are the needs of workers and their families, the employers’

capacity to pay and the requirements of economic development. Further, she also explained that there are regional minimum wage rates due to the different socio-economic conditions per region.


The hosts also asked Director Sy to compare NWPC’s productivity mandate to that of DTI and DAP. She said that NWPC’s mandate is focused more on systems improvement and human resource development while DTI focuses more on marketing technologies to ensure the competitiveness of enterprises and companies. On the other hand, DAP has a more complex mandate as it is the designated national productivity organization in charge of deploying technical assistance from the Asian Productivity Organization (APO).


The program also included a Netizen’s Q&A portion via a pre-recorded question from Mr. Bryan Kim An, President of the Antipolo City Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He asked whether piece rate and “per byahe” employees would be affected by the wage increase and if companies affected by COVID can be exempted from minimum wage.


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