JIDA Aqua Resources – Caraga Region Bangus Processor

JIDA Aqua Resources – Caraga Region
Bangus Processor

  • Challenges
    • No company rules and regulations
    • Manual production process (capping bottles)
    • Lack of training for employees
    • Lack of production facilities and equipment
    • High energy production cost
    • Limited marketing promotions
    • High production wastes
  • Productivity programs implemented
    • Developed company rules and regulations through bipartism
    • Installed capping machine through DOST SETUP
    • Strengthened partnership with government agencies like DOLE-RTWPB, DTI, DOST, DA, BFAR for owner/workers’ personal development
    • Participation in expos and trade fairs
    • Installed energy-saving bulbs and scheduled preventive maintenance
    • Converted wastes into crab fattening products and fertilizers
  • Outcomes of productivity programs
    • On business
      • Complied with the Labor Standards
      • Increased total productivity, sales, and revenue
      • Increased employment
      • Increased product lines
      • Increased branches and markets
      • Improved process cycle time
      • Reduced production cost
    • On people
      • Productivity or performance incentive schemes through monthly incentives and bonuses
      • Employee recognition program
      • Welfare programs such as free housing and accommodation for employees and their families and provision of school materials and first aid kits to employees’ family members

May 2020


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