JMH Microfinance Incorporated – Region V Microfinancing

JMH Microfinance Incorporated – Region V


  • Challenges
    • Internal
      • Weak management competencies
      • Limited office space
      • Poor service delivery and microfinance methodology
    • External
      • High client turnovers
    • Productivity programs implemented
      • Created a Strategic Support Department and Client Development Services Department
      • Automated its processes
      • Shortened processes on product delivery
      • Strengthened network and partnerships with other establishments
      • Transferred to a new home office with training facility
    • Outcomes of productivity programs
      • On business
        • Increased total productivity and revenue
        • Decreased portfolio at risk and client dropout
          • Increased number of client size by 4% from 2004-2015.
        • On people
          • Productivity or performance incentive schemes through monthly incentives and bonuses,
          • Employee recognition program,
          • Welfare programs such as study programs through a training and development academy, Medical Assistance Fund (MAF), and work-life balance programs

May 2020


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