JMH Microfinance Incorporated (Region V)

JMH Microfinance Incorporated is a medium service establishment located in Sorsogon City. It was established in 2004 continuous to expand and to serve the whole Bicol Region. Its aim is to sustainably provide responsive and efficient financial and other value-added services for the socio-economic improvement of the enterprising less privileged.

The establishment provides loans, savings, insurance, and social services but like other companies, their business did not go smoothly at the beginning. Among their productivity challenges were high client turnovers which was against their goal to sustain the growth in terms of number of clients and portfolio. For their manpower, the account officers had low productivity and lacked in management competencies. For the management processes, they faced competition on their products and services and had poor service delivery and microfinance methodology. They also had limited space, starting out as a home office.

To improve their productivity, JMH introduced new products and services, business development services, membership development programs and social services. For their personnel, they offered further study programs – a training and development academy, gainsharing program (monthly incentives and bonuses), employee recognition program, Medical Assistance Fund (MAF), and work-life balance programs.

To improve their processes, they established a JMH Brand Policy, created a Strategic Support Department and Client Development Services Department, automated their process, shortened processes on product delivery, installed G Suite (Google Apps for Business), and strengthened their network and partnerships with other establishments. They also transferred to a new home office and training facility.

Their productivity improvement programs enabled them to increase their total productivity and revenue. They had a decrease in portfolio at risk and client dropout. The client increase averaged at 4% from 2004-2015. They also increased the number of new and promoted employees.

What they gained from their productivity improvement programs, they gave back not only to their employees but also to the community. They offered client development and services including skills and livelihood training for clients. They also offered scholarships which number increased from 46 in 2015 to 85 in 2018.

Due to their improvements, they were awarded a commendation by the Department of Social Welfare and Development Region V in 2018 and recognized as an Outstanding Member of the MCPI Microfinance Council of the Philippines (MCPI) from 2016 to 2018. In 2019, JMH Microfinance Incorporated was declared Productivity Olympics regional and national winners for the medium service category.


April 2020


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