NWPC attends APO workshop on “Business Models for the Circular Economy in SMEs”

The NWPC participated in the workshop entitled “Business Models for the Circular Economy in SMEs” sponsored by Asian Productivity Organization (APO) in cooperation with the Vietnam National Productivity Institute. This was virtually conducted via Zoom videoconferencing last 21-23 December 2022 and attended by APO member country representatives.

The workshop’s objective is to share and discuss the foundations and business models SMEs could utilize in adopting the Circular Economy concept in their business operations. NWPC representatives Mr. Francis Michael Atangan of TTSD and Mr. John Rowen Rubite of PPRD actively participated during the workshop activities and discussions.


In the Philippines, one of the circular economy initiatives includes a holistic community program launched by the Local Government of Quezon City in 2021 and implemented by the Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Department in partnership with the Basic Environmental Systems and Technologies, Inc. (BEST). The initiative was entitled “Trash to Cashback Program” which provides an innovative solution for citizens in the community to actively participate in the waste diversion project. The five (5) steps of the BEST circular economy model of this program focus on:

  1. Recyclable materials segregation;
  2. Exchange for reward points;
  3. Redeem incentives through equivalent service/product;
  4. Collection of recycling/upcycling partner companies; and
  5. Recycling and upcycling

The program allows citizens to exchange and convert their recyclable wastes and single-use plastics into Environmental Points (EP), which in return may be used to purchase goods and services through bXTRA App and as payment for utility bills such as electricity, water, and internet service through the Bayad App. The EP incentive feature of Trash to Cashback program ensures the sustainability of the project’s objective.



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