NWPC conducts online employee engagement program

The NWPC organized a series of webinar on human resource development program as part of employees engagement and productivity promotion with the theme, “Sana All Series.”

The first series entitled, “Sana All: Plantito/Plantita” was hosted by Atty. Jamie-Lyn Jamias and Ms. Loraine D. Cerillo on October 30, 2020. Three in-house speakers were invited, namely, Director Elvira P. Jota, Ms. Maria Rosa D. Opis, and Ms. Julie C. Llorente. The session showed a glimpse of how people have turned to plants to cope with the pandemic during quarantine.

The second series entitled “Sana All: Pet Lovers” was hosted by Ms. Michelle Irish D. Mackay and Mr. Christopher F. Rodriguez on November 06, 2020. All employees were encouraged to join a mini-contest entitled “Pakita Mo Pet Mo” by sending their cutest pictures with their pets. Invited speaker was former Board Secretary of RTWPB-NCR, Ms. Aida T. Andres and Mr. Andrew P. De Guia. As certified pet lovers, they shared the benefits of owning and taking care of pets.

The third series entitled “Sana All: Oilbularyo” was hosted by Atty. Jamie-Lyn Jamias and Loraine D. Cerillo on November 19, 2020. Invited speakers were Atty. Grace Mana-ay Badilla and Ms. Almayne C. Abastillas who both shared their interest in essential oils, its benefits, and some recipe blends.

The fourth series served travel enthusiasts entitled “Sana All: Travellers.” The event was hosted by Loraine D. Cerillo and Christopher Rodriguez on November 26, 2020. Invited speakers were Ms. Nesa Nolido, Ms. Maureen Mae Sajise, and Mr. Joper Kie Tiro who shared their travel experiences travel tips when going abroad.


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