NWPC conducts Year End Performance Assessment for 2021

NWPC’s Central Office conducted its virtual Year End Performance Assessment for the year 2021 on January 19, 20 and 25, 2022. The Central Office’s division chiefs and program managers reported the results of their assessment of the agency’s programs and projects, highlighting the issues, risks and opportunities encountered. On the basis of which, the Program Managers presented their proposed action plans and strategies for 2022, as follows.


1. Conduct program evaluation through focus group discussions and to translate the results of those studies into policy and program initiatives.

2. Promote inter-departmental collaboration by focusing on strengthening the wage and productivity nexus at the industry/firm-level through bi-partite mechanisms

3. Promote employee engagement in the programs/ projects as a reward and recognition strategy to motivate workers to be more productive

4. Create a strategic planning approach to digital transformation roadmap of the Commission.

5. Incorporate GAD perspective in all the programs and projects.


Ms. Jullianne Blair L. Coco, Planning Officer III also reported on the progress of the innotivity projects initiated last year by the new employees of NWPC and the RTWPBs. All of them are set to be completed in the coming year.


Atty. Alvin B. Curada also discussed the results of the Digital Transformation Survey conducted last year, which indicated the level of readiness of and acceptance by the agency of the proposed transition.


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