NWPC holds first NWPC Productivity Olympics Virtual Awarding Ceremony

NWPC holds first NWPC Productivity Olympics Virtual Awarding Ceremony


NWPC held its first virtual awarding ceremony for its biennial Productivity Olympics last October 21, 2021 with the theme “Bounce Back Better”. The competition traditionally showcased the best and successfully implemented productivity improvement programs and gainsharing schemes of MSMEs nationwide. However, due to the pandemic, the criteria shifted to focus on the ability of MSMEs to continue business operations, adopt employee engagement strategies, and preserve and expand employment. It was attended by officers and staff of NWPC and the RTWPBs, partner agencies, employer and labor groups, the finalists and winners and other MSMEs. It was hosted by Mr. Mark Leroy Arpon and Ms. Reena Ibanez.


The 2021 Productivity Olympics winners are:



Rejano’s Bakery from MIMAROPA Region (Micro Category)

Bagnos Multi-Purpose Cooperative from Ilocos Region (Small Category)

Grain Pro Philippines Inc from Central Luzon (Medium Category)



Sandria’s Delicious Concepts from Central Visayas Region (Micro Category)

Mannafest Food Inc from Zamboanga Peninsula Region (Small Category)

Sunlight Foods Corporation from National Capital Region (Medium Category)



HR Spectacles from National Capital Region (Micro Category)

Northern Roots SG Group Inc from Cordillera Administrative Region (Small Category)

Andres Soriano Memorial Hospital Cooperative from Caraga Region (Medium Category)


Recipients of Special Citations were:

  1. Peyra Poultry Farm from Bicol Region (Agribusiness Medium)

My Aim’s Kitchen from Cagayan Valley Region (Industry Micro)

Nutridense Food Manufacturing Corp. from Ilocos Region (Industry Medium)

Yang Matt Lechon and Eatery from Bicol Region (Service Small)


The nominees and winners of the Agribusiness, Industry and Service sectors were announced by DOLE Undersecretary Ana C. Dione, NEDA Undersecretary Rosemarie G. Edillon and DTI Undersecretary Blesila A. Lantayona, respectively.


For the awarding of the Best Regional Board, the winners are the National Capital Region for the most number of winners and the Cordillera Administrative Region for most number of nominees.


In her welcome remarks, NWPC Executive Director Maria Criselda R. Sy said she hopes that “the event will inspire entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges of the pandemic by being resilient and by continuously adopting innovative strategies to transition to the new and better normal”.


In his message, Sergio R. Ortiz-Luis, Jr., President of the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP), encouraged MSMEs to “turn challenges encountered during the pandemic into new opportunities and embrace new realities to rebound and recover through adoption and use of digital technologies”. He acknowledged that MSMEs play a great role in income and employment generation and lauded the 2021 Productivity Olympics for recognizing productivity champions and their contribution to economic development. He asked MSMEs to develop their workers’ talents and skills and to innovate business and management processes.


For the Labor Sector, Congressman Raymond Democrito C. Mendoza, President of the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) said that “economic recovery of our country will require Herculean effort from all sectors. Hence, he highlighted the importance of having jobs that uphold the principles of decent work. He thanked the MSMEs that sustained their entrepreneurial spirit to improve their situation and their community. He added that innovation is a key factor that will improve MSMEs productivity.


As NWPC Chairperson, DOLE Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III said that “the awarding ceremony is more than just a culminating event but a testament to the Filipino spirit of resilience and ingenuity. It is also a celebration of Filipino entrepreneurs’ ability and courage to navigate amidst uncertainties in order to help rebuild the economy and create jobs.” He commended the Commission for pushing through this year’s Olympics by resetting the criteria to define the parameters of productivity amid the disruption. He concluded his message by thanking and congratulating the MSMEs who participated in this year’s Olympics and for sharing their triumphs over the COVID-19 pandemic.


In his keynote speech, Cong. Mark O. Go (Baguio City, lone district) emphasized that the biennial Productivity Olympics is more than just promoting productivity improvement and gainsharing schemes, but a celebration of business excellence, industrial harmony, and inclusive growth. He expressed his gratitude to the MSMEs for joining the Productivity Olympics and becoming instruments in raising consciousness on productivity, quality, and employee engagement.




Rejano’s Bakery (MIMAROPA Region)

Agribusiness-Micro Category


Rejano’s Bakery was established in 1946 which manufactures breads and arrowroot cookies. It is managed by Carmelita Reyes and has 9 employees.

During the pandemic, Rejano’s Bakery implemented policy measures to minimize financial loss of the business, to continue it social responsibility, and to ensure uninterrupted service to their customers, employees, and stakeholders, among others.

Promoting health and safety of workers is also the priority of Rejano’s Bakery. Workplace safety and health programs were put in place and workers were oriented on health  protocols to minimize risks and exposures.

Part of its marketing strategy was to offer discounts, develop new products, and participate in trade fairs.



Bagnos Multi-Purpose Cooperative (Ilocos Region)

Agribusiness – Small Category


BAGNOS which means “Bassit A Ganansia Naurnoong Omado Sanikua” or “Little profit when managed properly will increase assets” was established in 2000 as a credit facility and consumer store for its members. The cooperative eventually ventured into palay trading, goat raising, hog fattening, and coffee production.

Despite limited movements, the cooperative adopted strategies enabling it to continue its rice coffee production, consumer store operations, and credit, and rice/palay trading.

The cooperative also used virtual platforms to market its products, partnered with logistics platforms, adopted e-payment thru mobile banking, and participated in virtual trade fairs.

On top of the safety and health benefits regularly given to its employees, Bagnos MPC also provided them hazard pay, free transportation service, and orientations on COVID-19 health and safety protocol and workplace infection management/control. The cooperative also distributed relief goods, face masks, face shields, and alcohol to employees. Moreover, Bagnos MPC coordinated  with the Municipal Health Office for the administration of RT-PCR tests to employees suspected of being infected by the virus.



Grain Pro Philippines, Inc. (Central Luzon Region)

Agribusiness – Medium Category


Located in Olongapo, Zambales, Grain Pro Philippines Inc. is dedicated to creating products that support organic, chemical-free procedures in storing, drying, and transporting agricultural commodities.

Grain Pro implemented flexible work arrangements soon after the Enhanced Community Quarantine declaration for the entire Luzon.  It  implemented the following health and safety protocols to reduce exposure and risk: 1) testing and contract tracing, 2) workplace infection management and control, 3) employment briefings, 4) programs and facilities to support employees in coping with pandemic situations, 5) shuttle service, 6) distribution of vitamins, 7) distribution of reusable facemask, 8) provision of anti-flu vaccine, 9) free swab test for newly hired employees, 10) swab testing for all employees exposed to COVID-19, 11) Use of RFID, and 12) seven days quarantine leave.

The company also invested in technology to ensure smooth transaction of business operations. Among the technologies used by Gain Pro are the Bamboo HR online platform, Zoom platform, and Docusign subscription.




Sandria’s Delicious Concepts (Central Visayas Region)

Industry – Micro Category


Prepared by the locals of Minglanilla, Cebu, Sandria’s baked goods’ mantra is to give each customer a unique and delightful gastronomic experience, hence its tagline “Your Gutom Saver.”

The pandemic did not stop Sandria from serving its customers.  Fact is, it   expanded its product lines to healthy foods, frozen and ready to eat foods, and packed meals.  The company purchased new equipment and trained its workers in the preparation of frozen foods and standardized their manual of operations.

Sandria also constructed a commissary and started to utilize online delivery services. To effectively market its new product lines, Sandria intensified its marketing initiatives, tapped on-line platforms such as Shoppee and hired new workers.

To keep its employees safe, Sandria provided its employees free lodging, shuttle services, isolation rooms, and also facilitated the vaccination for its employees.





Mannafest Food Inc. (Zamboanga Peninsula Region)

Industry – Small Category


Mannafest Food Inc. from Zamboanga Peninsula is a maker of bread and other baked goods since 2007.

Being in the production of a Filipino staple like bread, Mannafest remained operational during the pandemic and took advantage of increased consumer traffic in groceries and supermarkets during the lockdown. It introduced new variants of flavored bread, pastries, and Korean minimalist cakes, which prompted Mannafest to purchase raw materials from local suppliers, increase its stock level of raw materials, expand its warehouse area, invest in new equipment, build strong partnership with logistics company for the delivery of goods, and improve of its social media marketing.

More importantly, Mannafest took care of its  employees by providing them COVID kits which include alcohol, and vitamin C to strengthen their immune system. At the start of lockdown, the company gave its employees groceries, opened emergency loans, and granted paid leaves for sick employees. Mannafest subsidized employees’ COVID swab /saliva tests and provided medical assistance to sick/injured employees.




Sunlight Foods Corporation (National Capital Region)

Industry – Medium Category



Sunlight Foods Corporation is engaged in the production of sweet preserves such as ube, macapuno, langka, and buko where raw materials were all sourced from its own farm during the pandemic

To continue the delivery of products to their clients, Sunlight Foods developed and implemented business continuity plans for its critical processes: 1) sourcing and buying of raw materials and supplies, 2) fruit processing operation, 3) product development, and 4) account receivable collection.

For its employees, Sunlight Foods implemented: 1) testing and contact tracing, 2) workplace infection management/control, 3) employee orientation on health and safety, 4) support programs to help employees cope with the pandemic, and 5) provision of health card for workers.

Aside from work rotation March to July 2020, the company also intensified its partnership with the local health office on COVID updates, protocols, policies, and requirements (e.g. securing of IATF pass and ID). Saliva test kits were also purchased for the screening all personnel of the company against COVID-19.




HR Spectacles (National Capital Region)

Service – Micro Category


HR Spectacles is a full-service HR firm that provides consultancy services and helps businesses attain success by leveraging human resources technology. It aims to help businesses take digital transformation through automation and outsourcing.

Among its key processes with  business continuity plans are HR consultancy retainer, HR management system, headhunting, HR project consultancy, and HR realignment.

During the pandemic, HR Spectacles hired additional employees, adopted remote work and provided laptops and IT equipment to its workers.








Northern Roots SG Group Inc. (Cordillera Administrative Region)

Service – Small Category


Also known as Session Groceries, Northern Roots SG Group Inc. delivers fresh and locally grown, expanding distribution from the Cordillera Region to nearby regions in Luzon.   Northern Roots remained operational during the pandemic, recognizing the demand for fresh produce amidst the health crisis.

Its digital application allowed customers to buy fresh produce directly from farmers, thus supporting local agribusiness, promoting a sustainable lifestyle, and educating the local community on healthy eating. It also delivers fresh and processed goods around Benguet, Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal, available for both cash-on-delivery and online payment. Recognizing the critical role of its employees in delivering basic commodities from farmers to consumers, Northern Roots provided food, transportation, and medicines to its employees.

Its marketing strategy during the lockdowns consisted of intensified promotional activities, product diversification, and participation in trade exhibits, expos and other fora where products can be showcased. It also collaborated with various delivery service providers, acquired delivery vans, and established linkages for volume drop-off and pick-up points for its products.









Andres Soriano Memorial Hospital Cooperative (Caraga Region)

Service – Medium Category


Andres Soriano Memorial Hospital Cooperative (ASMHC) is a tertiary hospital located in Bislig, Surigao del Sur. It aims to be the leading provider of affordable healthcare to the marginal sector of society.

ASMHC started as the Medical Services Department of PICOP, the now defunct Paper Industries Corporation of the Philippines. ASMHC applied for affiliation with the Medical Mission Group of Hospitals and was registered with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) in 1997.

Through its business continuity plan, ASMHC continuously provided improved medical and dental healthcare services. The cooperative also adopted alternative work arrangements and provided free personal protection equipment and access to transportation for its members.

Acknowledging the need for stricter safety protocol, the tertiary hospital implemented “One Entrance and One Exit” policy as well as protocols on the use of rapid antibody, antigen, and RT PCR for all patient admission.

ASMHC also increase its employment during the pandemic.


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