RTWPB-NCR conducts year-opening webinar series

RTWPB-NCR started the year by conducting a series of learning sessions aimed to boost productivity and business development across MSMEs throughout Metro Manila. Done through the virtual Zoom sessions on January 20, 21, 25, and 28, 2022, these were actively met with enthusiasm by various MSME participants in the region as shown by their active participation in the flow of information throughout the event.


The webinars centered on modules such as: 1) 7s of Good Housekeeping: Setting the Pathway to A Safe Workplace in the Period of Pandemic, 2) Work Ethics of a Productive Worker, 3) Improving Productivity through Social Media Marketing and 4)

Work Life Balance: Productive Work from Home. There was also a learning session on utilizing social media as a productivity tool to expand market reach and heighten visibility of businesses.


For the month of February, they conducted an online webinar for interested MSMEs on Productivity-Based Incentive Schemes on February 16. They also held three webinars for micro establishments: 1) Costing and Pricing for Micro Enterprises (February 17), 2) Basic Bookkeeping for Micro Enterprises and 3) Stock Control for Micro Enterprises (February 28).


The learning sessions conducted by the RTWPB-NCR team proved to be a great start to assist MSMEs in the region, boost their workplace productivity commitment, and promote holistic approach towards enterprise excellence.


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