RTWPB XII hosts webinar on Work Life Balance for Mindanao State University’s School of Graduate Studies

RTWPB-XII Board Secretary Jessie M. Dela Cruz served as resource speaker for students of Mindanao State University’s School of Graduate Studies undergoing Masters in Business Management, in a webinar on Work Life Balance: Productive Work from Home and Employees Compensation Program (ECP) with the theme: “Doing lt Right And Avoiding the Pitfalls”, last January 14, 2022 via Zoom.


Work Life Balance is a program concept which helps employees of an organization balance their personal and professional lives. It encourages employees to manage their time according to their priorities and maintain a balanced life by devoting quality time to family, health, vacations, business travel and other activities along with making a productive career in their chosen fields.


“The concept is very important and timely in the manner that it will help motivate employees and enhance their loyalty to the company”, BS Dela Cruz explained. He also emphasized the importance of having a Labor and Management Mutual Cooperation in achieving that Work-Life Balance.


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