Vicky’s Pili and Food Products – Region V Agri-Product Processor

Vicky’s Pili and Food Products – Region V
Agri-Product Processor


  • Challenges
    • Poor records management
    • Poor technical support and lack of experts
    • Outdated tools and equipment
    • Poor service delivery
    • Limited branches and market
    • Limited office and production space
  • Productivity programs implemented
    • Installed electronic inventory filing system
    • Recruited Professional Business Development Service (BDS) Provider and additional staff to improve business processes including food safety, application systems, and marketing
    • Used new tools and installed new equipment for processing of products
    • Improved logistics performance thru the use of delivery vans and trucks and affiliation with freight companies
    • Established branches in Irosin and Bulusan
    • Established partnership with retail stores and restaurants
    • Forged partnership and distributorship with foreign companies
    • Improved layout facilities
  • Outcomes of productivity programs
    • On business
      • Increased total productivity and sales
      • Increased volume of production
      • Increased employment
      • Improved process cycle time
    • On people
      • Productivity or performance incentive schemes (e.g. perfect attendance and trade fair incentives) through monthly incentives and bonuses
      • Employee recognition program
      • Welfare programs such as study programs through training and scholarship, medical assistance, interest free loans, and other work-life balance programs

May 2020


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