Vicky’s Pili and Food Products (Region V)

Vicky’s Pili and Food Products was established in 1981 in Irosin, Sorsogon as one of the pioneer food processors in Bicol. Its goal is to make other nations experience the delectable taste of their region’s very own pili nuts and find satisfaction in every bite. However, as they went on its journey to expand their enterprise, the company experienced some limitations in achieving their goal.

The structure of their manpower was poor and there are redundancy in the functions of their personnel. And so, the company hired Professional Business Development Service (BDS) Provider and additional staff such as a Food Tech/Regulatory Affairs Officer, Graphic Designers and IT Personnel. As a result, they secured a Certificate of Product Registration and introduced new product lines and brand, increased their product marketability, online promotions, brand value and awareness and started an effective file system management. They also had a limited market and so they opened additional outlets outside Irosin and established partnership with retail stores and restaurants and distributorship with foreign companies.

Their workplace used to be unorganized, crowded and had limited space and that they also remedied. Their tools and equipment are outdated and so they purchased new equipment and additional tools in product processing. They also had limited water supply and deliveries which were dependent on provincial buses and old jeepneys. This is why they obtained an additional water source, purchased a delivery van and truck and affiliated with freight companies.

These improvements resulted in a big rise in their sales and revenue, from 2,664,274 in 2016 to 6,120,947.74 in 2018. Their total productivity also rose from 1.071 to 1.120 in the same time period. What they saved due to their innovations were also given a gainsharing within their company, and outside it, through the 20,000 free pili seedlings they distributed to 200 hectares of land within Sorsogon Province and, through tree planting activities, the 5,000 seedlings planted in the Sorsogon towns of Castilla, Irosin and Bulan.

They were also given award and recognitions due to their achievements, among them the Top Seller Awardee for the 2017 Go Lokal Top Brand Discoveries by the Department of Trade and Industry, and being the Regional Winner for the 2017 Productivity Olympics and finally as national winner for the 2019 Productivity Olympics of the National Wages and Productivity Commission.


April 2020




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