Webinar on 7S Pathway to a Safe and Healthy Workplace amid Pandemic

The Training and Technical Services Division (TTSD) conducted a training-of-trainers webinar on “7S Pathway to a Safe and Healthy Workplace amid Pandemic.” via Zoom last June 23. It is one of the modules to be cascaded to MSMEs to help them comply with the health and safety protocols and adjust to the “better normal”. It was attended by the NWPC and RTWPB.

To date, almost the regional boards have started rolling out the module to MSMEs in their respective regions:   Region I (July 15), Region II (July 16), Region III (July 7), Region IVA (July 15), Region IVB (July 24), Region V (July 22), Region VI (July 17), Region VII (July 24), Region VIII (July 8), Region IX (June 30), Region XII (July 16 & 23) and Region XIII (June 30).


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