Programs and Services

Policy and Research

The NWPC serves as an adviser to the President and Congress on matters relating to wages, incomes, and productivity. Relative to this, the NWPC also undertake researches and studies on wages and productivity which serve as basis for the formulation of policies and guidelines on wages, incomes, and productivity.

Two-Tiered Wage System

The Two-Tiered Wage System is a reform that maintains the mandatory minimum wage setting under R.A. 6727 or the Wage Rationalization Act, as the first tier (TIER 1) and complemented by a voluntary productivity-based pay scheme as the second tier (TIER 2). It was conceptualized in 2010 and implemented in 2012 with the support of social partners.

Facility Evaluation / Time And Motion Studies

Facility Evaluation (FE) is a form of evaluation conducted to determine the fair and reasonable monetary value of facilities furnished by an employer to his/her employees.

Time and Motion Study (TMS) is the systematic determination of work methods and time standards using various tools and technologies.

Applications for FE are filed with the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board (RTWPB) having jurisdiction over the workplace.

Productivity Toolbox

The NWPC Productivity Toolbox features the different NWPC Productivity training programs and technical assistance to improve the capability and motivation of enterprises to adopt productivity technologies for continuous improvement toward enterprise development and growth.

The productivity toolbox makes use of the “needs-based, ladderized approach” in learning and application, whereby the training program provided is based on the ability of the enterprises to adopt technology and system improvement.

Productivity Olympics

It is a biennial national competition of best productivity practices of micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) nationwide. It aims to intensify national awareness and commitment to quality and productivity and showcase the best productivity improvement practices.

National Productivity Conference

The National Wages and Productivity Commission holds a national productivity conference every two years to serve as a platform for information and ideas exchange on new and emerging events and issues affecting the country’s productivity and competitiveness. Through the years, the conference has helped raise awareness on the importance of productivity and competitiveness to the country’s economic growth. Relevant studies and papers of experts and practitioners from industry, academe and government agencies are presented and discussed, providing the Commission and the Boards directions for research and policy and program review and development.

Tamang Kaalaman Sa Kita At Kakayanan (T3K)

T3K is a public awareness campaign on wages, incomes and productivity aimed at (1) increasing compliance with the prescribed minimum wage rates and (2) increasing productivity advocates through a heightened level of consciousness of both workers and employers on the applicable minimum wage rates, productivity training programs, and productivity-based pay scheme.