Productivity Toolbox


The NWPC Productivity Toolbox features the different NWPC Productivity training programs and technical assistance to improve the capability and motivation of enterprises to adopt productivity technologies for continuous improvement toward enterprise development and growth.


The productivity toolbox makes use of the “ladderized approach” in learning and application, whereby the training program provided are based on the ability of the enterprises to adopt technology and system improvement.


  • Basic Training – training on basic concepts on productivity, values, working conditions and basic business systems. Training programs are: Productivity 101, ISTIV Values, 7S of Good Housekeeping, and ISTIV Bayanihan.


  • Intermediate Training – training on application of productivity technologies based on the need of enterprises for further improvement. Training programs are ISTIV Succeeding in Business, Green My Enterprise, Service Quality, Retail Merchandising, Lean Management, and Social Media Marketing.


  • Advanced Training – training that requires enterprises to be deeply involved and innovative and to be transformed as productivity champion. It covers all aspect of company’s operation and its supply chain. Training programs are Gainsharing (GS) to encourage enterpreneurs GS initiatives based on productivity. Training programs are Service Quality for Tourism Value Chain, Green My Enterprise for Hotel Industry, and Incentivizing Performance.


Enterprises which have successfully implemented productivity improvement programs (PIPs) and have continuously adopted productivity technologies are qualified to join the Productivity Olympics.


Basic Training

Productivity 101 is a basic orientation on productivity concepts, measures, tools, and techniques.


  • Productivity Concepts/Measures
  • Benefits of Productivity
  • Productivity Tools and Techniques
  • Productivity Incentive Schemes

ISTIV-PAP is a values-driven human resource intervention for quality and productivity improvement that is rooted in the five ideal attributes of a productive individual. I stands for Industrious, S for Systematic, T for Time-conscious, I for Innovative, and V for strong Value for work.


  • Productivity
  • Productivity Values: ISTIV
  • ISTIV Values Attributes and How To’s

Face-to-Face Training: 7S of Good Housekeeping

 It is the most basic and fundamental approach for productivity and quality improvement in all types of business.


  • 7S concept
  • How to do 7S
  • Benefits
  • Program installation

Webinar Training: 7S of Good Housekeeping: Setting the Pathway to a Safe Workplace in the Period of Pandemic

Assists MSMEs to internalize good housekeeping & workplace organization in the period of pandemic


  • Costs of unsafe Workplace to Enterprise and Workers’ Productivity
  • Steps, Practices, and Importance of 7S of Good Housekeeping

ISTIV Bayanihan is a training program and networking intervention for Barangay Micro Business enterprises/Micro Enterprises that supports the growth of micro-enterprises by enhancing the entrepreneurs’ way of managing the enterprises.


  • ISTIV values
  • Work Systems
  • Marketing
  • Organization / Housekeeping
  • Inventory / Stock Control
  • Record Keeping
Intermediate Training

Productivity is achieved through application of ISTIV values to management of workplace resources (manpower, materials, method, and workplace). ISTIV is a values-driven human resource intervention for quality and productivity improvement that is rooted in the five ideal attributes of a productive individual. I stands for

Industrious, S for Systematic, T for Time-conscious, I for Innovative, and V for strong Value for work.

ISTIV Plus combines productivity values and productivity techniques using a knowledge dialogue mechanism between labor and management


  • Productivity Concept
  • Productivity Values: ISTIV
  • Productivity Techniques

Face-to-Face Training: Green ME (My Enterprise)

A basic program on green productivity (GP) which offers low cost, simple and easy to understand green concepts and practices.


  • Global Warming and Climate Change
  • Green Productivity Concepts and Benefits
  • Green Productivity Techniques

Webinar Training: Green ME (My Enterprise) in the Better Normal

Practices and approaches providing service quality in the period of pandemic


  • Impact of Pandemic
  • GP: An Approach to Greening the Workplace
  • GP Tips and Practices

Face-to-Face Training: Service Quality (Enterprise Level)

Service Quality training program is a quality management intervention which makes use of prescribed tools and techniques in developing creative solutions to reduce errors in service.


  • Concept of Service Quality
  • Understanding the Customers
  • Error Recovery
  • Teamwork

Webinar Training: Service Quality: Building a Pandemic-Proof Customer Relations Service

Practices and approaches providing service quality in the period of pandemic


  • Concept of Service Quality
  • Understanding Customers in Pandemic
  • Building a Pandemic-Proof Customer Relations Service: The HEART Framework

One-day training on fundamentals of Merchandising which refers to the marketing of the right product, at the right price, in the right quantity, in the right place, at the right time and Visual Merchandising which includes all aspects of the total visual impact of the store and its merchandise


  • The Selling Process
  • Improve Productivity Through Merchandise Display
  • Control Stock for Productivity Improvement
  • Reduce Loss to Improve Productivity

Face to Face Training: Lean Management


Training program which aims to provide participants with the basic tools and techniques on lean management to enable them to create more value for customers while minimizing resources, and to identify, assess and eliminate different types of waste which will help to improve enterprise productivity, quality and timeliness on delivery of goods and services.


  • Concept and Principles of Lean Management
  • Eight (8) Types of Waste
  • DMAIC Tools and Techniques

Webinar Training: Leaner Management in the Better Normal

Identifies forms of waste and corresponding measures to reduce and eliminate its occurrence, and reconfigure processes


  • Concept of Lean to Leaner
  • Eight Types of Wastes
  • Measures to Eliminate Wastes

Face-to-Face Training: Improving Productivity through Social Media Marketing (Tips on Creating Viral Post)

This training module introduces social media marketing as a productivity tool. It explains the concepts of social media and social media marketing, illustrates the processes of creating a viral social media post, and guides the participants on how to create a social media plan.


  • Social media as a productivity tool
  • Creating viral social media posts
  • Creating social media plan

Webinar Training: Improving Productivity through Social Media Marketing (Tips on Creating Viral Post)

 This module focuses on important tips on how to create viral posts that will potentially increase the engagement and conversion rate of the company. It starts from planning the best selling point (feature, unique selling point, emotional selling point) then moves to identifying the target audience, staying relevant and being productive online.


  • Social Media as a productivity tool
  • Tips to create viral social media posts

Advance Training

Service Quality (SQ) Plus (Tourism Value Chain)

This is a training program for the tourism supply chain which covers a network of tourism organization engaged in different activities ranging from the supply of different components of tourism products/services such as air transport, land transport, hotels, resto/bars, tour operators/guides, souvenir shops, etc. and involves a wide range of participants in both the private and public sectors.


  • Concept of Service Quality
  • Understanding the Customers
  • Error Recovery
  • Teamwork

Green ME (My Enterprise) for Hotel Industry

A training program which aims to assist enterprises, workers and employers to achieve sustainable enterprises with greener workplaces through workplace cooperation.


  • Quality Jobs and Service Excellence "Creating the WOW Experience"
  • Continual Improvement and Joint Problem-Solving for Sustainability "Caring for the Environment
  • People for Greener Processes and Workplaces "Ensuring Guest and Employee Engagement "
  • Workplace Relations and Cooperation "Organizing the Green Team"
New Productivity Training Programs

ProductiveWork from Home

Face-to-Face: Work Life Balance Leading to Productivity

This module shows the importance of WLB practices in the workplace. It contains important tips to help MSMEs create/maintain a work life balance program in the company to improve physical and mental well-being of their employees and create a healthy and productive work environment.


  • Concept
  • Effects of work life imbalance
  • Various WLB programs/practices
  • Benefits of WLB

Business Continuity and Resiliency Planning: Driving Productivity in the Better Normal

Guides enterprises to develop and implement business continuity and resiliency plan.


  • BCRP Concept and Benefits
  • BCRP at Work: Basic Steps
  • Risk Assessment

Work Ethics of a Productive Worker

An advocacy strategy deployed in support of the following facilitation programs of the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE):

  • JobStart Philippines
  • Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES)
  • Government Internship Program (GIP)
  • Career Guidance Advocacy Program (CGAP)


Part 1

  • Build Values
  • Employer Preference on Hiring Employees
  • Work Ethics and Productivity

Part 2

  • Behave Like “ISTIV”
  • Meaning of “ISTIV”
  • How to apply ISTIV in the Workplace

Part 3

  • Blend Into Company Culture
  • Definition of Culture
  • Examples of Company Culture
  • Basic Steps on How to Blend into a Company Culture

A training program to provide basic knowledge about how to earn online, different business models, and how to improve the productivity of online business.


  • Starting your online business: Different online business models
  • Growing your online business: Tips to be more productive online

A training program that equips participants with an approach to make a productive career decisions.


  • The importance of a Productive Career Choice
  • An approach to Making a Productive Career Choice

Kasambahay Module

An orientation on the rights and responsibilities, including the right values/attitude at work to become productive thru managing the time and resources in doing their work


Part 1

  • Rights and Responsibilities under the Batas Kasambay (focused on Wage and Productivity Incentives)
  • Home Work Safety Guide (COVID 19 Protocols)

Part 2

  • Basic concepts of productivity
  • Values/Attitude of a productivity individual
  • Tips on how to be productive
  • Benefits of being a productive individual

Recognition and Incentives
Who can avail?

    • Duly registered MSMEs
    • 100% Filipino-owned companies.
    • With basic systems in place e.g. hiring/selection of employees, production, maintenance.
    • Willing to implement productivity improvement program