Webinar Modules



: The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic is challenging organizations to rethink their approach in conducting trainings/seminars/orientations as government limits local travel, prohibits mass gathering, and impose social distancing and other workplace health protocols and prescribe remote work arrangements (i.e. work -from-home, teleworking, teleconferencing).


Given one of its twin mandate to promote productivity improvement, it is our prime responsibility to help enterprises particularly the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to recover and continuously improve enterprise and workers’ productivity in facing the new normal.


It is for this reason, that the Training and Technical Services Division is proposing the revision/conversion of training modules into abridged version for webinar to be deployed by our regional counterparts, the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Boards in conducting productivity trainings for MSMEs .




: To help equip micro, small and medium enterprises with productivity tools and technologies on how to manage enterprise and workforce productivity in the light of changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Specifically, the modules shall be redesigned to:


1.       Make our modules respond to the current needs of the MSMEs;

2.       Effectively deployed using via webinar; and

3.      Be interactive to encourage audience participation through the use of poll, chat, Q&A, live sharing among others.


Webinar Training Modules

7S of Good Housekeeping: Setting the Pathway to a Safe Workplace in the Period of Pandemic




The module is designed to assist MSMEs on productivity improvement program through the Good Housekeeping and workplace organization, and help them implement and comply workplace safety and health protocols through the 7S mechanism in the period of pandemic.



1.      Costs of unsafe Workplace to Enterprise and Workers’ Productivity

2.      Steps, Practices and Importance of 7S Good Housekeeping


Who can avail: MSMEs



•    Organized workplace

•    Clean and hygienic work condition

•    Safe and healthy workplace

•    Improved employee morale and well-being

•    Enhanced company image


Leaner Management in the New Normal


This module is about how companies can reconfigure their processes/systems to optimize resources, identify every form of wastes by focusing on the eight types of wastes and learn measures to reduce its occurrence in facing the new normal.



1.      Concept of Lean to Leaner

2.      Eight Types of Wastes

3.      Measures to Eliminate Wastes


Who can avail: MSMEs



•    Improved work systems/processes

•    Lower production cost

•    Efficient management of business


Work Life Balance: Productivity Work from Home Module


This module contains practical and actionable recommendations from experts to help work from home managers and employees to improve their physical and mental well-being by keeping a balanced lifestyle, have a positive outlook, be productive and to stay secure online during Covid-19 pandemic.



1.      How to achieve work life balance

2.      Work from home hacks

3.      On-line security tips

4.      Employee engagement while working from home


Who can avail:  MSMEs



•    Improved productivity

•    Keeping a balanced lifestyle


Guide to Starting & Growing Your Online Business: Tips for More Productive Online Shops


A training program to provide basic knowledge about how to earn online, different business models, and how to improve the productivity of online business.



1.      Starting your online business: Different  online business models

2.      Growing your online business: Tips to be more productive online

Who can avail:

•    Business owners and employees who are just starting or planning to sell online

•    Individuals who are looking for opportunities to earn online

•    Government program beneficiaries on loans/credit, livelihood (DOLE, DTI, Landbank, DBP, CDA)



•         Increase knowledge about how to start an online business

•      Increase the level of productivity


Work Ethics of a Productive Worker


A training program aims to equip participants with work ethics enabling them to become productive worker.



1.      Build Values

2.      Behave Like ISTIV

3.      Blend Into Company Culture


Who can avail:

Beneficiaries of:

–       JobStart Philippines

–       Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES)

–       Government Internship Program (GIP)

–       Career Guidance Advocacy Program (CGAP)



Participants who are equipped with work ethics enabling them to become productive workers.

Service Quality: Building a Pandemic-Proof Customer Relations Service



A webinar that equips MSMEs in the service sector with practices and approaches of service quality in light of changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.



1.      The Concept of Service Quality

2.      Understanding Customers in Pandemic

3.      Building a Pandemic-Proof Customer Relations Service: The HEART Framework


Who can avail:




•         Understanding customers in a pandemic

•         2. Device ways on how to build a pandemic-proof customer relations service

Improving Productivity through Social Media Marketing: Tips on Creating Viral Posts



This webinar module focuses on how social media can increase the productivity of the enterprise and how to create viral posts that could help increase the brand awareness, sales and profits. It discusses the three selling points of marketing, different purposes of the posts, and some tips on how to create viral posts.



1.      Social Media as a productivity tool

2.      Tips to create viral social media posts


Who can avail:

Micro and small enterprises that have zero to basic knowledge about social media marketing



•         Increase knowledge and skill about creating a viral social media post

•         Increase number of customers through social media

•         Increase sales through social media.


Business Continuity Planning and Management: Driving Productivity in the Better Normal



This webinar module helps enterprises particularly the small enterprise to understand and manage disruptions and resume business operation in the context of the next normal.



1. BCPM Concept and Benefits

2. BCPM at Work: Basic Steps


Who can avail: MSMEs




•         Resume operation during and after a disaster

•         Increase knowledge on how to establish a   Business Continuity Plan

Green My Enterprise in the New Normal



This module is designed to provide simple, low cost and practical tips and applications on greening the workplace and by addressing the impact of pandemic in the new normal.



1.      Impact of Pandemic

2.      GP: An Approach to Greening the Workplace

3.      GP Tips and Practices


Who can avail: MSMEs



•         Environmental awareness

•         Reduced waste and pollution

•         Increased knowledge on green productivity concept